EMPIRE is unleashed!!!!!!!

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Get your copy of the fourth box in our reissue series with Numero...

It looks fantastic! (it sounds pretty good too)...

Boxset #4

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Pre-order the last set in our re-issue series. It will include the last two Unwound records (Challenge for a Civilized Society and Leave Turn Inside You) plus a bunch more stuff. It is called "Empire."



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Howdy folks,

Just a head's up on the site. We aren't being very active with the archive now. There's still stuff to add but currently we are busy with our lives. No need to live in the past! Check the "Now" page for links to what we are doing these days, including new recordings and performances from our current projects. We still post on social media so you can follow us there too.

Thanks again for checking out the site. 

Survival Knife album announced

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The Survival Knife record is on the way. It's called Loose Power. It will be released April 29 on Glacial Pace Recordings from Portland. They will be playing a handful of shows in May. More news to follow! (Get used to it....)

Here is a song preview:

Fell Runner


KID IS GONE T-shirts available now

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OK, we now have the KID IS GONE t-shirt up for sale!! This is from an original design we used on tour from the early 90's. It is actually a bit different than the bootlegs other people have been ripping off for years. So there! 




Pre-order the Kid Is Gone boxset

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Numero is taking pre-orders for the first in our series of four reissue boxsets: 


There will be 1000 sets with a bonus LP featuring a ripping show in 2001 with Brandt behind the drumkit.  In our opinion, it is one of the best live recordings of Unwound. Original art by Olympia artist Christopher Ross.

kid is gone.jpg

Art by Christopher Ross.

Coming soon...

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From Pitchfork:

Earlier this year, obscurities and reissues label the Numero Group announced their plans to reissue the complete recordings of the Washington State post-hardcore act Unwound. Today, they've detailed the first box set in the reissue campaign. Kid Is Gone is a triple LP that collects the band's output from 1991-1992. It's out September 6.

Included in the compilation's 34 tracks are Unwound's 1992 self-titled debut album, plus demos, singles, radio sessions, and more.

Numero also plans to reissue 1993's Fake Train, 1994's New Plastic Ideas, 1995's The Future of What, 1996's Repetition, 1998's Challenge for a Civilized Society, and 2001's Leaves Turn Inside You.