Welcome to the Unwound Archive. This site is meant to be an historical document. It was conceived and created by the members of Unwound (with the help of some friends!). Our intention is to provide the world at large a place to find all things Unwound (if it is to be found). It is a work in progress, as you shall see…

Unwound stopped operations in 2002. At the time we intended to present a document for our last album “Leaves Turn Inside You”, that chronicled our touring for that album. At the same time we were gearing up to put together a live video compilation that captured our work throughout the 90’s. Obviously, these things were not to happen. However, they were put on the backburner for another day. Well, ten years later and that day is now! In a way, it makes things easier with the way the internet has progressed. Now instead of trying to pawn off a DVD that no one wants to pay for we can put everything in one place and people can pick and choose what they want to view or listen to and it is more or less free (even though we hope you will pay for something—check out those new t-shirts!). Think of it as the Museum of Unwound-- free admission but please visit the gift shop.

Everything here is “curated” by us. We are sorting through some junk and giving the public what we deem interesting. It is our history after all (sometimes you have to write your own). Yes, it may be slightly distorted but we will try to include perspectives from those that accompanied us on our journey. If you have something cool please send it our way and we might throw it in the mix--as long as we look good!

In 2013, we started a new partnership with the Numero Group label. We are now in the process of reissuing everything that was previously released. All the music is getting remastered, there is a complete set of liner notes/history written by our friend David Wilcox, and the packaging is truly amazing. We are really excited and honored to be doing this! Thanks for your support!

Check the NEWS page for updates. Please note that this site is not updated frequently as of 2015.  Check out Numero for new releases and follow the latest Unwound projects on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and their websites. Here are some links of interest.

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What it Was!

What it Was!

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