3/22/1997 NYC, NY USA @ The Cooler w/ Blonde Redhead, Warmers, Monorchid (?) (VIDEO)

4/17/1997 Portland, OR USA @ La Luna w/ Blonde Redhead, 764-Hero

7/19/1997 Olympia, WA USA @ Capitol Theater w/ YoYo A GoGo

8/1/1997-8/15/1997 Seattle, WA USA @ John and Stu's recording "Challenge For A Civilized Society" w/ Steve Fisk, Kip Beelman

8/30/1997 Olympia, WA USA @ Eagle's Hall Basement w/ Ghost (Japan), KARP

8/31/1997 Seattle, WA USA @ Bumbershoot Festival

9/3/1997 NYC, NY USA @ Tramps w/ Modest Mouse, the Delta 72, and Blonde Redhead

9/6/1997 NYC, NY USA @ The Cooler w/ Peechees, the Great Unraveling, Comet Gain, and the Cold Cold Hearts, Miranda July

DATE? 1997 Honolulu, HI USA @ Top of the Hill w/ ?

10/11/1997 Seattle, WA USA @ Crocodile w/ Mars Accelerator, Bunnyfoot Charm

10/30/1997 Olympia, WA USA @ The Midnight Sun w/ Get Hustle, Witchypoo