At the present time...

It's 2016: 14 years since Unwound played our last show and about 25 years since the first recording as Giant Henry surfaced as a cassette tape in Olympia, WA. But since then we have done some other musical stuff. Hey, it may not be Unwound but it's what we got and what you get. Don't count on seeing us at Coachella this year, next, or ever! Who cares, right? Below is a synopsis of our present activities.

Sara has been active with her current band, Hungry Ghost, as well as the The Secret Drum Band, and more. She is also giving drum lessons to a lucky few.

Vern is busy with his band Red Rumsey. Check out his site for live dates and more.

Brandt and Justin started Survival Knife in 2011. They have several releases worth checking out. Although Survival Knife called it quits in 2015 the two are resurrecting the Replikants starting in the winter of 2016-17.

Justin is also working on another project called Nocturnal Habits when he's not busy with day time activities. Sara plays on some of the new tracks and will be playing in the present live line-up!

The archive site, made and run by us, is infrequently updated but still active. Find and follow us on the usual social media too. Or just listen to our old records. Check out these links. Word.

Take good care.